Some examples of great classroom blogs:

3/4C @ The Junction: http://tjps34c.edublogs.org/

This is a prime example of a model classroom blog to use with a Primary classroom. Blog posts are made on a regular basis and is directly related to learning that occurs in the classroom. It includes student created material and media that has been created in the classroom for students and parents to reflect on and observe the learning that occurs in the classroom. As a teacher, this is a great reflective tool to look back on lessons and assess the interactiveness of tasks while as a learner, it makes learning more fun, relevant and interactive beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The blog also emphasises the connected nature of the blogging experience with students able to comment and communicate with other students around the world.

Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog: http://yollisclassblog.blogspot.com.au/

This is another example of a great classroom blog with a greater focus on getting students and the rest of the world to interact in the learning experience. Blog posts include online lessons that were conducted and tutorials that were created by the students’ themselves to show that there is a blurred line between being a learner and being a teacher. This blog poses many activities and questions that students are able to take home after leaving the classroom which further emphasises the nature of learning extending beyond the classroom. This blog also embraces other relevant digital tools such as Twitter. For example, one blog post posed a question to Twitter followers to identify what feather was shown to show that learning through blogging can be collaborative and engaging across borders and the world.

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